ACT & NSW Conveyancing

ACT & NSW Conveyancing

Are you buying or selling a home in the ACT or NSW?

Whether you are buying or selling your home, or an investment property, Prail Lawyers can help you through this stressful and often confusing process. When you deal with Prail Lawyers, we are readily available and you will deal with the same people throughout your matter.

Buying a property?

Buying a home, whatever the circumstances, is a very exciting time. However, it can often be confusing. Let Prail Lawyers take the stress out of purchasing your new home.

If you have made an offer on a property, or are thinking of making an offer, contact us so that we can discuss the next steps in your process.

Call us to discuss your ACT or NSW conveyancing matters today.

Attending an Auction?

If you are planning on attending an auction, and you are the successful bidder, did you know you are immediately bound to the contract and unable to negotiate the contract any further? So that you know exactly what you are buying, we recommend if you are attending an auction that you have the contract reviewed prior to that auction. Prail Lawyers can help you in reviewing the contract.

Selling your home?

When you are selling your home, Prail Lawyers can help. We understand that the process of selling your home, packing up and moving is a stressful time. We can help make selling your home less stressful. Please contact us today so we can guide you through the steps of selling your home.

Fee Guide

Buying a property:  We can act for you in the full process of your purchase for $1,760 (including GST)* plus disbursements**. In standard purchases fees will be invoiced at settlement, unless it is an off the plan purchase or long term settlement, in which case you will receive an invoice for half fees and applicable disbursements at exchange and the remainder of the fees and applicable disbursements at settlement.

Selling a property:  Fees to act for you in the full process of your sale are $1,760 (including GST)* plus disbursements**. You will be invoiced in two parts, half the fees and applicable disbursements for preparation of the contract and the remaining fees and applicable disbursements once you have sold the property and your matters settles.

Auction Contract Review: Fees to review a contract prior to auction are $330.00 (including GST)*, for each contract reviewed. If you are successful at the auction, these fees will be included as part of the fees for the purchase.

*Please note that if your purchase or sale requires additional works outside of the usual works expected in a conveyance, you should be aware additional costs may apply.  Contact us to discuss where you are unsure.

**Disbursements vary and are outside of our control, for approximate disbursements please enquire with us about your specific purchase or sale.

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